EOS 15-C25 AIRMIX® Airspray spray pumps

EOS 15-C25 AIRMIX Spray Pump - without Suction Rod - 151-140-000

EOS 15-C25 Spray pump with 15:1 Pressure Ratio and 25 cm3 Fluid Volume per Cycle.

The EOS product line brings together Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity : True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ spraygun.

The EOS spaying pumps range is the ideal partner of your AIRMIX® and AIRLESS spray guns, providing exceptional Performances (quality of finish, high transfer efficiency). A large choice of accessories allow to create various configuration AIRMIX® & AIRMIX® electrostatic; to meet all customer requirements.

Efficiency: perfect for AIRMIX® finish
Optimisation: built with minimal parts
Simplicity: lowest cost of ownership